California Safe Care Standard


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California Safe Care Standard

We know that healthcare workers are the most assaulted workers in the nation, accounting for over 70 percent of violent assaults in the workplace. We also know that according to many of our employers, it's "part of the job." That can't be further from the truth.

What IS true is that if it is predictable, it is preventable. Who better to help cease the endless violence healthcare workers experience than you, who can identify the causes of predictable violence and what needs to be done to prevent it?

We need all hands on deck to move the campaign forward. We need folks to sign up to get regular alerts from and help spread the word about the campaign. Most importantly, we need people to continue to have the discussion about workplace violence at our facilities -- raising awareness about workplace violence is a critical aspect of this campaign.

Your voice and your story matter. Add your name to the right, and join the Safe Care Standard Campaign.

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